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Real Estate - Commercial and Residential

Foreclosures. The threat of real estate foreclosure can be devastating. Attorney Richard Weinstein can defend any foreclosure action on your behalf, as well as attempt to delay a sale to allow you more time in your home. If you are facing or undergoing foreclosure, you owe it to yourself to discover your wisest choice of action from a qualified attorney.

Closings and Title Insurance. Attorney Richard Weinstein has served the South Florida real estate community for many years, closing purchases and refinances on several hundreds of residential and commercial properties. His closing services include preparation or review of your contract; conducting title and lien searches; exploring lien, estate and marital joinder issues; obtaining payoff figures to payoff mortgages, homeowner or condominium association claims; and removal of other liens on the property; as well as ordering surveys; drafting required documents; supervising execution of all documents; collecting and disbursing funds; recording deeds, mortgages and other documents in the county records; and issuing title insurance policies in order to protect purchasers and lenders from claims that could threaten the marketable title to their properties. As an attorney, Richard Weinstein is distinct from "title companies", since an attorney is uniquely permitted to draft legal documents that may be required to successfully close a real estate transaction, as well as provide attorney representation. Additionally, his title clients enjoy continuous web-based access to their transaction details. Ensure an experienced attorney handles your real estate closing and title insurance.

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Estate Planning and Probate

Wills - Trusts - Health Care Directives - Powers of Attorney: One of most important things you can do for your family is to protect your estate in the case of your death. Proper estate planning will allow you to determine how your assets are distributed. Failing your direction, the probate court will apply Florida Law and make that determination for you. With proper estate planning, you may pass your property to your heirs with a minimum of estate taxes, if any.

In conjunction with estate planning, protection of yourself and your property in the event you become incapacitated is essential. Besides wills and trust instruments, we also prepare health care directives, such as living trusts, living wills, durable powers of attorney, appointment of health care surrogates, and designation of pre-need guardians. Collectively, health care directives enable you to make known your wishes regarding who makes your medical decisions if you are unable, what types of end of life treatment you do and do not desire, and who will handle your personal affairs if you are no longer able.

Attorney Richard Weinstein prepares his estate planning clients to meet the inevitable with the secure knowledge that their intentions will be met. Should the time come, he also is there to assist your named representatives and trustees in carrying out their responsibilities.

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Business and Corporations

Whether you are setting up a new business, buying an existing one, or merging your business with another, Attorney Richard Weinstein has the experience and knowledge to ensure it's done right. He offers full service representation for business formation, including shareholder or partnership agreements, as well as limited liability company (LLC) operating agreements. Mr. Weinstein also represents you with business sales, mergers and asset purchases. Proper business formation ensures tax benefits contemplated are achieved and shareholder or member benefits of an LLC are secured.


Civil Litigation:

Litigation is never a pleasant situation. Attorney Richard Weinstein can protect the rights of a defendant or plaintiff in both state and federal courts. With thorough preparation, he can make such an event as painless as possible for you. He represents plaintiffs seeking to enforce contracts, leases, notes or mortgages, or who have been otherwise wronged in their business or personal lives. Similarly, he represents defendants facing lawsuits in a wide variety of situations. Let Mr. Weinstein's knowledge, years of experience work for you!

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